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1963 Zenith MK2670 Stereo Repair


Preserving a piece of stereo history, a tube console stereo repair story.

Vintage gear is really special. There's just nothing like the unique sound, look, and feel of an old tube hi-fi glowing away and playing your favorite record. Unlike a lot of modern gear, they can still be worked on and fixed up by a dedicated hobbyist.

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Build A Numitron Clock

Light Bulbs, LEDs, and Circuit Junctions


I was working on a project with different colored LEDs. Putting them in parallel across a power supply was simple but puzzling, because the different colored LEDs simply wouldn't light properly. I now know why, and it appears that driving (different colored) LEDs in parallel directly from a DC power supply was simply not a good idea. This article will explain why.

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Digital Oscilloscope

– More Than Just an Oscilloscope

ROHDE & SCHWARZ 250 MHz Oscilloscope - Experience The Difference - Get A FREE Trial The R&S®RTB2000 Oscilloscope is the perfect tool for design debugging. Get 10-bit ADC, 10 Msample memory, and 10.1” touchscreen plus a smart user interface. It’s the Power of 10 at an unexpected price.

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USB Media Player Controller


RECYCLED ELECTRONICS — Giving New Life to Old Tech!

This 'Recycled Electronics' build uses a knob assembly that began its life as the control for a Sharp VCR to create a controller for the Windows Media Player.

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RF Oscillators


Every signal begins with an oscillator — In ham radio, the oscillator is a key element in generating signals, mixing them together, and extracting the information from them. Let's see how to make an audio oscillator, plus learn about common RF types.

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The Arduino Graphics Interface

Analog Style LED Clock - Learn Charlieplexing

"Beautiful kit, informative manual, striking finished product. This came nicely packed, components in separate well labeled bags. you could see the components were high quality. I had a nice Heath-kit flashback assembling it. Great fun and it looks good."


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