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Build the StroboDuino


Traditional stroboscopes that used photoflash tubes have been expensive enough that very few hobbyists could own them. The StroboDuino is a hobbyist-grade stroboscope that stops the motion of rotating or reciprocating objects. It uses some of the latest very bright LEDs that rival photoflash tubes. For around $50, you can have your own Stroboscope to use for testing and experimenting with stopping motion.

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Seven Common Ways to Generate a Sine Wave


The sine wave is a naturally occurring signal shape in communications and other electronic applications. Many electronic products use signals of the sine wave form. Audio, radio, and power equipment usually generates or processes sine waves. As it turns out, there are literally dozens of ways to generate a sine wave. Here are some popular methods you should be familiar with.

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ServoCity - Memorial Day Special


Digital Oscilloscope

– More Than Just an Oscilloscope

ROHDE & SCHWARZ 250 MHz Oscilloscope - Experience The Difference - Get A FREE Trial The R&S®RTB2000 Oscilloscope is the perfect tool for design debugging. Get 10-bit ADC, 10 Msample memory, and 10.1” touchscreen plus a smart user interface. It’s the Power of 10 at an unexpected price.

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Garage Alarm


(Updated Version)
I have seen many simple garage door alarm circuits through the years, but this one is a little different in that it connects directly to popular lines of Genie garage door openers. While I use it with a model IS550, it should work with many other Genie models as well.

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All About PIC Analog Comparators


Analog comparators, though not particularly sexy, must surely rate as one of the more useful building blocks for a wide variety of circuits. They can be used to generate pulse width modulation, monitor under- or over-voltages, shape up ugly signals into nice crisp pulse waves, act as logical inverters, help with interfacing mechanical switches, and more.

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Analog Style LED Clock - Learn Charlieplexing

"Beautiful kit, informative manual, striking finished product. This came nicely packed, components in separate well labeled bags. you could see the components were high quality. I had a nice Heath-kit flashback assembling it. Great fun and it looks good."


Altura MIDI Theremin

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