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You're both great at spotting the next big thing!

2018 is just around the corner. What do you think the next big tech innovation will be in the coming year? As an electronics hobbyist, you have a different perspective than most of what's just around the corner. Many of you work in the industries that will produce the next big thing. Of course, there will be hundreds, maybe thousands of innovations, so let's hear your predictions of what new high tech wonders will emerge this year to change our lives.

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Buuld The Numitron 6-Digit Clock


This six-digit, beautifully designed timepiece showcases cold war era components — Numitrons instead of Nixie tubes — along with modern LEDs and a Microchip PIC to create not only a useful clock but a great conversation piece as well.

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ME-Labs-Dvelopment tools for PIC Microcontrollers

Microcontrollers Are Great — But Don’t Pass Up Conventional Electronics


Not every application needs a microcontroller, yet often times they're used in a project unnecessarily. I’ll show you two examples of circuits that don't use a micro, but are often built with one, and explain some of the logic and theory behind these circuits.

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Newhaven Display - 7" BeagleBone Capes! - Plug in to possibilitiesAdvertisement


to pick up a 7” BeagleBone Cape from Newhaven Display.

These impressive modules paired with a BeagleBone Black board make Android & Linux development easy. They come fully kitted with 5-point capacitive multi-touch functionality, all on a large 7-inch TFT display.

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Stop by our Tech Forum and weigh in. We know y'all got skills and opinions. This is the place to share some knowledge or get some. 

VAX VMS Emulation 

 Is there an emulator for a Digital Equipment Corporation’s VAX VMS 4.7 machine, either running on an SBC (Single Board Computer), or possibly an image that ...

AMP Clamp 

Could someone explain in simple terms how an AMP clamp works? Does it have a transformer in it or Hall-effect sensors or similar?


I would like to be able to drive a 4x20 line LCD with a VGA output from an old computer. Is there a simple interface to do this?

Solid-State Tube Replacement 

I’m refurbishing a tube-type Hallicrafters shortwave receiver. I was planning on using a solid-state plug-in replacement for the rectifier tube ...


The Capacitance Connection


Use a Common Tool in a New Way

After installing some low voltage yard lights, I applied power and one of the strings did not work. I went through the normal troubleshooting of measuring the voltages and resistance. It became quite easy to tell that I had an open somewhere between the transformer and the first light in the string, but where?

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Build A Numitron Clock

electronics-for-kidsBook Pick Of The Week
From the Nuts & Volts Webstore


One of our favorite books! You'll love it too!   

If you have kids, grandkids, or are yourself a kid at heart, this book is the perfect resource to get started learning and building cool electronics experiments that will fascinate. We've always been fans of learning by doing, and here is as good a collection as we've seen of fun projects that will bring the electronics lessons to life. Don't let the title fool you; just because it says "For Kids" doesn't mean it's a watered down version of the basics. High level concepts are presented in a language any kid from 10 to 110 can understand.

Build the Amigo - The Mentor's Friend

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